Are Getting Dental Crowns the Right Choice for You?

Are Getting Dental Crowns the Right Choice for You?

February 1, 2023

Porcelain crowns are the procedure carried out to complete the treatments like root canals and implants. They are caps that cover the tooth and keep it safe against damage and decay. They are protective shields, but their nature is not permanent.

If you take them for granted, you will have to bear the consequences. Although the treatment is beneficial to secure the life of decayed or damaged teeth, there are still people who worry about whether tooth crowns are beneficial for them or not.

Demerits of Having Crowns

Sacrificing the Natural Tooth Structure

Placing crowns involves trimming natural teeth so that the dentist can make a perfect fit. Some people may not feel good about such a thing. If you have such feelings, crown placement is not a treatment for you.


As the crowns are not natural, people feel uncomfortable while having them inside their mouths. They can feel uneasiness while eating.

Pain, Bleeding, and Swelling

Crowns require them to fit perfectly. If there are adjustment problems, they will lead to many other problems like painful infections and decay. These can cause bleeding and swelling. In such cases, the treatment will harm dental health despite improvement.

Fear of Washing Away

If the professional does not place or cement the tooth crown efficiently, then there are chances for their fall. Once it happens, one requires to go to the dentist to get it fixed.

Merits of Having Crowns

Tooth Security

Crowns are caps that protect the tooth from further damage. Commonly, the dentist uses the procedure to secure or complete implants. Once it gets placed, you have fewer worries about implant failure.

Improved Appearance

The crowns usually look like the natural tooth and cover discolored or decayed teeth. It has its importance in both ways, aesthetically as well as medically. The crown placement not only improves your smile but also stops damage to other teeth.

Reshaping of Tooth

Crowns have an advantage in restructuring or reshaping the tooth. Sometimes people have distorted tooth structures. Because of that, they feel awkward in groups while smiling. Crowns can help in reshaping the tooth structure to get a perfect smile.

Boosts Confidence

If you have any damaged tooth inside your mouth, you won’t feel comfortable while talking. Your damaged teeth always become the reason for your embarrassment in public. Placing the crown not only protects your tooth from further decay but blends perfectly with the remaining teeth to give you a natural appearance.

When you feel confident about your smile, there will be an automatic boost in your confidence and personality. You will speak confidently and with assurance.

Comfortable to Wear

The placement of crowns inside your mouth may make you feel uncomfortable for a few days in the beginning. But later on, they will become adaptive. When time moves forward, a crown will become part of you. There would be no feeling like crowns are not part of your natural teeth set.

You may feel discomfort only when they do not fit perfectly inside the mouth or are properly adjusted. If you want quality treatment, you should have the treatment done in a qualified place.

Life Durability

Crowns could stay inside your mouth for a very long period. It completely depends on the care and attention you provide to them. In general, their life span is from 5 years to 20 years.

Once you decide to have crowns, ensure your dentist does an in-depth examination and resolves issues like pulp infections and others before the final placement. If there are unresolved problems, they will become worse later on. After the cap placement, they will add more difficulties.

Pros vs. Cons Evaluation

If you have questions like – are getting dental crowns the right choice for you? The answer is the evaluation of the pros and cons. Deeply evaluate and make sure to make the right decision. You can also take professional help in such a situation. The right decision will depend on your accurate evaluation.

All in all – the success of any treatment depends on how keenly and attentively the process is done. For high-quality dental crowns in York, ON, you should choose the right place and professionals like Marlee Dental Office.

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