Marlee Dental Office is your preferred dental office in North York, ON. We are committed to ensuring that all our young and old patients get the dental care they deserve. We have kept pace with the evolving dental healthcare needs by investing in modern dental technologies. Additionally, our team is well-trained and experienced in providing a range of dental treatments and procedures. Our services include:

Dental Implants – We replace lost teeth with implants to provide a long-lasting solution.

Invisalign® – If your teeth are misaligned, we can fit Invisalign® trays to bring them back in alignment

Preventative dental care – Our preventive care helps prevent oral diseases before they arise

Emergency dental care – If you have suffered a dental emergency, our emergency dentist will help stop the pain and remedy the problem, including knocked-out teeth and toothaches.

Exams and cleanings – We do routine checks and exams to ensure that any lingering oral health issue is caught early on and treatment is provided in time.

Oral cancer screenings – Getting screened for oral cancer helps detect it early so you can begin treatment quickly.

Extractions – Our dental office does tooth extractions if a tooth is badly damaged beyond repair or if you need to get dental implants

Periodontal treatment – Treating gum disease helps prevent further harm to your body. It helps prevent bone loss and tooth loss.

Tooth Fillings – We do fillings to restore cavitated teeth

Veneers – We can mask imperfections like small fractures, stubborn stains, and tooth unevenness with veneers

Teeth whitening – Our dentist in North York, ON, performs teeth whitening to give you the pearly whites you want for a perfect smile

Root canal therapy – If you have a pulp infection, our root canal treatment can help salvage your tooth and stop the pain.

Contact Marlee Dental Office today if you need family dental care in North York, ON. Our dental clinic near you has gentle, caring staff to help improve your oral health and restore a perfect smile. We provide dental care in a friendly and fun dentist environment. Schedule an appointment today!

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