Do You Feel Pain with Sedation Dentistry?

Do You Feel Pain with Sedation Dentistry?

September 1, 2022

Dentists perform many dental procedures, and their main focus is carrying out pain-free dentistry procedures. This ensures that patients are comfortable during the treatment and can come back again whenever they need medical assistance.

One of the major ways a dentist can perform a pain-free dental procedure is through sedation dentistry. Thanks to this invention, patients are a lot calmer and more confident during dental treatment. But again, the question that many patients ask is, is their pain with sedation dentistry. This article will answer this question by examining different aspects of sedation dentistry.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

This is a mild level of sedation used by the dentist to keep the patient technically awake during a dental procedure. This type of dentistry, also known as conscious dentistry, creates short-lived amnesia where you don’t feel pain without being unconscious.

People Suitable for Sedation Dentistry

It is essential to note that sedation dentistry is suitable for anyone, from children to adults. However, dentists recommend sedation dentistry as an option for people with certain conditions.

First, you might be a suitable candidate for sedation dentistry if you are always anxious when going to the dental clinic or when you have an upcoming dental procedure. Therefore, you should consider sedation dentistry in York, ON, the next time you go through a dental procedure.

Some people have a gag reflex that is extremely sensitive. This means it can be quite challenging for the dentist to work on your teeth. However, thanks to sedation dentistry, the dentist can work on your teeth without worrying that you might choke during the procedure.0

Aichmophobia is a condition where you fear needles. Needles are an important part of dental procedures as they are used in administering anesthesia to your gums. If you have a fear of needles, it is essential to consult with the dentist so that they can use sedation dentistry to calm you down during your dental treatment.

There are instances where your teeth are overly sensitive to hot and cold drinks. This can make your dental treatment to be painful. The good thing is that the dentists at Marlee Dental Office will utilize sedation dentistry to ensure you are comfortable during the treatment process.

What Are the Types of Sedation Dentistry and What to Expect?

Oral sedation is one of the types of sedation dentistry your dentist can perform. You will feel drowsy in the dental chair through oral sedation, but you can communicate with the dentist if necessary.

Another form of sedation dentistry is IV sedation. As the name indicates, the sedatives are administered through a vein in your hand or arm. After the drug sets in, you will feel a state of calmness, and the dentist will be able to carry out the treatment with ease.

Nitrous oxide can also be used during sedation dentistry. The gas, known as laughing gas, creates a mild sensation where you feel calm and composed throughout the treatment. The sedative is administered through your nose, where the dentist puts a mask over your nose. One good thing about this form of sedation is that you can drive back home as the sedative wears off once the mask is removed.

What Are the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry?

The first benefit of sedation dentistry is that it lowers discomfort during a dental surgery or treatment. This is important as there are invasive dental procedures, which means it would be painful to undergo surgery without sedation.

Some patients feel anxious once they sit on the dental chair. This condition makes you feel uncomfortable and nervous about the treatment process. The good news is with the invention of sleep dentistry; you can now feel calm and comfortable while the dentist near you works on your teeth.

In addition, dental sedation is safe. This is because the procedure is done by professionals meaning you will encounter minimal side effects of the sedatives like drowsiness, which is normal.

Another advantage of dental sedation is that it has a fast recovery time. This is dependent on the form of sedation dentistry you choose, as some sedatives wear off faster than others. For instance, laughing gas fades from your system in two minutes once you stop breathing the gas.

That being said, sedation dentistry is pain-free, and you should not be afraid to undergo it as it has more benefits during a dental procedure.

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