Dental Bonding in York & North York, ON

If you’re looking to rectify a slightly flawed smile with a simple, quick, and non-invasive solution, dental bonding can solve your problems. Our skilled cosmetic dentists near you perform tooth bonding for cosmetic reasons, improving oral health, or both.

Who Needs Tooth Bonding?

Dental bonding in York & North York, ON can benefit patients struggling with the following problems:

  • A gapped dental arch
  • A misshapen or small tooth
  • A slightly chipped or cracked tooth
  • An uneven smile or wavy tooth edges
  • A misaligned or discoloured tooth

Even one of these flaws can make your smile appear unattractive, impact your bite and lead to further problems at a later stage.

After evaluating your oral cavity with advanced scanning technology, our trained dentists at Marlee Dental Office will determine your eligibility for bonding treatment. In general, although bonding is ideal for masking superficial imperfections, it may not be the right solution for a severely damaged tooth.

How Many Visits Are Needed for Bonding Treatment?

Our skilled cosmetic dentists in York & North York, ON take about 40 to 60 minutes to bond each tooth.  The first step in the bonding procedure involves selecting the right shade of bonding material to mask the affected tooth.

Once the bonding material is cemented into place, our dentists will modify the tooth’s surface by applying an acidic conditioning gel. The gel helps the resin putty adhere better to the tooth surface. We will then shape the putty to match the tooth’s shape. After the putty is hardened with UV or laser light, our experienced dentists will make any additional changes to size and shape to create a stunning smile.

Dental Care Aftercare Tips

While composite resin improves the aesthetics, it’s not as chip-resistant as natural tooth enamel. Patients who have opted for bonding treatment at Marlee Dental Office should refrain from consuming red wine, tea, coffee, or chewing on hard foods like ice, bones, shells, and nuts.

You may experience slight sensitivity for a couple of days after the bonding treatment, which will wear away quickly. Tooth bonding near you is a cost-effective, pain-free way to transform an unattractive smile.

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