Dental Crowns in York & North York, ON

Dental crowns at Marlee Dental Office are pre-fabricated, custom-fitted caps made of tooth-coloured composite resin, porcelain, or metal. They are often used to fix a number of dental issues such as cracked, chipped, stained, or weakened teeth. Our friendly family dentists near you offer an extensive range of restorations that can complete your smile in a natural, aesthetic manner.

If ignored, cracks in the tooth may spread down to the gum line or roots, or the tooth structure may deteriorate and become vulnerable to oral plaque. Once the damage reaches this stage, root canal therapy or tooth extraction may be the only treatment options available.

Are Dental Crowns Right for You?

The lifespan of a dental crown is determined by several factors such as oral hygiene, wear and tear and bite force distribution. Patients who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) may need their crowns replaced sooner.

However, daily brushing, flossing and cleaning can help dental crowns near you last for as long as 15 years or even more. Please contact our dental clinic in York & North York today for our premium range of dental fillings, veneers, dentures, partials and dental crowns near you.

Can You Get Decay After Wearing a Dental Crown?

Yes, decay may develop at the junction between the gum line and the crown. Plaque is a sticky, transparent bio-film made of millions of bacteria and food debris. If the plaque at the margin is not eliminated, it hardens into tartar, and the decay will deteriorate further.

Diligent flossing and brushing, along with professional dental cleaning, can help prevent plaque from forming under the dental crown. Our skilled dentists at Marlee Dental Office will address all your concerns and help determine the most suitable crowns in York & North York, ON.

Dental Crown Care and Maintenance

The best way to make your dental crowns last longer is to remove trapped food debris and plaque. It’s also essential to get regular oral exams and teeth cleanings twice a year.

During the check-up, our trained dentists will scrutinize margin areas for signs of decay and check the crown for damage. Our hygienist will eliminate tartar deposits and leave the margins plaque-free.

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