Dental Fillings in York & North York, ON

Untreated tooth decay often results in the formation of cavities, and it’s common to find food particles frequently getting trapped in these gaps. In the absence of timely decay treatment, the oral bacteria can spread to the gum line and cause periodontal disease.

Our highly trained dentists near you can detect, diagnose, and treat cavities with a range of restorations, including fillings, crowns, inlays and onlays.

Do You Have Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is often invisible to the naked eye (especially during the initial stages) and lurks near the gum tissue or between the teeth. When oral bacteria feed on food particles stuck in the oral cavity, they release corrosive acids that degrade tooth enamel and cause holes to form.

These little holes in the enamel are known as ‘cavities.’ Decay may also show up in the form of dark discolorations. or the patient may experience twinges of pain while biting down on foods. Our reliable dentists in York & North York, ON use low radiation x-rays to evaluate your tooth before administering suitable treatment.

Dental Fillings Provide Relief from Discomfort

Cavities are often sensitive and cannot heal on their own. When a part of the tooth structure breaks down, the nerves become exposed and cause acute sensitivity.

Tooth-coloured fillings prevent plaque and bacteria from re-entering the tooth and help reinforce the tooth’s integrity. In the absence of fillings, cavities become infected, or the tooth could break inward, causing discomfort, trauma, or pain.

Dental Fillings at Marlee Dental Office

One of our friendly dentists will first deaden the area with a gel or gentle oral injection. Once the site is desensitized, we drill out the decayed material, clean out the cavity and carefully insert the dental filling.

The procedure for inserting dental fillings in York & North York, ON varies depending on the filling material used. For instance, composite resin fillings are inserted in layers. Resin fillings are popular due to their aesthetics. Although not so common nowadays, our experienced dentists may place gold fillings for rear teeth.

If tooth sensitivity, pain or discomfort is causing you distress, please contact our conveniently located dental office near you for a consultation.

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