Dental Implants in York & North York, ON

Dental implants are near-natural restorations that improve the aesthetics and complete your smile while providing superior chewing functionality and performance.

After a detailed digital evaluation, our highly trained dentists near you will help determine the most suitable implants for your needs.

Why Our Patients Prefer Implants

Implants offer several valuable benefits as compared to standard restorations. Here’s a closer look at why dental implants are preferred over traditional restorations.

Improved Stability

Surgically embedded dental implants in York & North York, ON are sturdier than restorations that rest on the gum line. Once we insert the implants in the jawbone, they offer sturdier support to attached restorations such as partials, dentures, bridges, or crowns.

Dental implants near you can help create a strong, healthy, and aesthetic smile.

Natural Aesthetics

Our experienced dentists at Marlee Dental Office can replace a full dental arch with All-on-Four® implants. All-on-Four® implants can support multiple attachments and reinstate an entire upper or lower jaw. Implant-supported restorations help create a stunning smile, improve your facial structure and blend well with the natural dental arch.

Reduced Risks of Decay

Unlike natural teeth, titanium or zirconium implants are made up of metal and not vulnerable to bacteria, oral plaque, or decay. There is a reduced risk of developing decay around the margin areas between the restoration and the gum line.

Prevent Jawbone Loss

A gapped smile can result in jawbone loss due to the absence of tooth roots. While partials, dentures, bridges, and crowns are fastened above the gum line, they do not stimulate the jawbone as there are still no roots. Dental implants in York & North York, ON replace the entire tooth from the roots to the crown.

Are Dental Implants Right for Your Needs?

Ideal candidates should have healthy gums and jawbone before getting dental implants near you. We use the latest scanning technology like panoramic and 3D x-rays to evaluate your oral cavity before determining your eligibility for implants. If the jawbone density is inadequate, the patient may require a bone graft before receiving implants.

Please contact Marlee Dental Office to learn more about how dental implants can provide lifelong benefits.

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