Dental Sealants in York & North York, ON

Children without dental sealants are much more likely to develop cavities than children with dental sealants from Marlee Dental Office. Decay and cavities can cause severe damage to baby teeth and cause pain and discomfort to your child. Regular visits to our trained dentists near you can help your child enjoy a cavity-free smile.

What Are Dental Sealants?

The posterior teeth, the premolars, and the molars often have deep fissures and pits that trap food and bacteria. Even if your child is a diligent little brusher, posterior teeth are difficult to clean.

The bacteria feed on the tiny, trapped food particles and release an acid that degrades tooth enamel, causing the tooth to decay.  Rear teeth are more vulnerable to decay as children are unable to reach them with their toothbrushes. Once untreated decay begins to set in, cavities form on the tooth’s chewing surfaces.

Our skilled emergency dentists in York & North York, ON apply liquid dental sealants on rear teeth to protect them from cavities. While sealants are generally applied to rear teeth, they can also be applied to other teeth, if needed.

Does the Dental Sealants Procedure Hurt?

Dental sealant application involves no pain or discomfort. Our experienced dentists apply sealants near you in just a few minutes. We do not need to shave down tooth structure, and there is no need for local anesthesia.

First, one of our child-friendly dentists will clean the tooth thoroughly to remove any food particles or debris stuck in the nooks and crannies. Next, we will apply a special acidic conditioning gel on the chewing surface and rinse it within a few minutes. During the next step, we will carefully apply the sealant over the back tooth. It may harden on its own, or we harden it with the help of a special curing light. Dental Sealants in York & North York, ON take just a few minutes to set and last anywhere from five to ten years.

Your child can eat and drink without any restrictions once the procedure is complete. Marlee Dental Office offers a range of preventive and restorative treatments for children, including fluoride application, dental braces, mouth guards, pulpotomy procedures, and orthodontic treatments.


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