Dental Veneers in York & North York, ON

Our trained dentists near you have helped hundreds of patients get an attractive smile. Dental veneers can be used to mask chipped, discoloured, cracked, or misshapen teeth. They are applied to the affected tooth’s front surface to conceal minor imperfections.

Thanks to modern dental technology and the expertise of our highly trained team, our patients at Marlee Dental Office can choose from an extensive range of personalized dental restorations.

Procedure for Partial Veneers

Partial veneers can be effectively used to correct minimal defects, and full veneers can fix more substantial visible defects. Full and partial veneers are typically used to rectify front teeth, where bite forces are relatively lower.

Partial veneers cover a portion of the tooth’s chewing surface. They help mask localized defects and are instrumental in concealing pits, grooves, or missing portions of the enamel.

How our dentists in York & North York, ON place partial veneers:

  • The dentist will first clean your teeth to eliminate debris.
  • We will then help determine a suitable veneer shade under natural light.
  • The dentist will place cotton balls to isolate the tooth and protect it from saliva contamination.
  • If the flaw is located near the base, or the damage is more extensive, we may administer local anesthesia to reduce sensitivity.

We then roughen, etch and prepare the tooth surface to accommodate the veneer. One of our skilled dentists will cement the partial veneer carefully into place.

Procedure for Full Veneers

Direct, full veneers help mask more widespread dental defects. Once we help you select the right shade to match your natural dental arch, we will rinse, dry, and etch the affected tooth.

Our dentists will then apply a bonding agent and carefully fasten the full dental veneer. Composite resin veneers are usually placed in layers, and you may need to schedule two appointments if multiple teeth need correction. The placement of dental veneers in York & North York, ON requires a high level of experience and precision.

While partial and complete veneers can instantly recreate your smile, they may not be a permanent solution. Please contact our dental clinic North York for customized veneers near you.

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