Emergency Dentistry in York & North York, ON

Are you frantically looking for urgent dental care nearby? Dental emergencies can be sudden, stressful, and cause unbearable pain. Our emergency dentist near you provides convenient same-day appointments for prompt treatment and pain relief. We offer quality-based, modern dental care for children, families, and patients of all age groups.

Please contact our well-equipped dental office for compassionate emergency dental care services, and we will help you every step of the way.

What Is Emergency Dental Care?

Emergency dentistry involves treating unexpected dental problems that occur outside of regular hours. We specialize in providing regular as well as emergency dental treatments, depending on your needs. Our highly skilled emergency dentists in York & North York, ON save tooth structure, replace dislodged teeth, and administer sedation to control the pain.

When to Contact an Emergency Dentist Near You?

Any one of the following situations could call for urgent dental treatment:

Partially or Completely Knocked-Out Tooth

A knocked-out, partially dislodged, or loose tooth requires urgent attention. If you get to our office within 30 minutes, we can reinsert the affected tooth in the socket and prevent the need for tooth replacement. Hold the tooth carefully by the crown and avoid touching the tooth roots. Place the severed tooth in saliva or milk and get to Marlee Dental Office at the earliest.

We may need to splint a loose tooth to stabilize it.

Fractured Tooth

Cracks and fractures can cause extensive damage, especially if they affect the inner portions of the tooth. Our skilled dentists will x-ray the tooth to determine the extent of damage and place a dental crown or perform an emergency root canal.

Place an ice pack on the inflamed site to minimize discomfort and pain.

Other Dental Emergencies

Any oral problem that involves unexplained bleeding, acute pain, or the need for urgent treatment requires reliable emergency dentistry in York & North York, ON. Severe gum infection or a pus-filled abscess can be life-threatening if not treated urgently and correctly.

Bulges, swellings, and knots in the gums may also signal a dental emergency. Visiting Marlee Dental Office for regular dental exams and cleanings in York & North York can prevent several issues from deteriorating into dental emergencies.


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