Root Canal Therapy in York & North York, ON

Have you been postponing essential root canal treatment? Delaying root canal treatment at Marlee Dental Office will only aggravate the problem and prolong your discomfort.

If you experience intermittent, dull, throbbing tooth pain or sensitivity, please contact our highly trained emergency dentists near you for assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

What Causes Tooth Infection?

Oral bacteria attack soft tooth pulp, resulting in inflammation and infection. Bacteria penetrate the tooth chamber due to the following factors:

  • Tooth enamel becomes weak or degraded, and bacteria are able to easily access the inner portions.
  • A fractured or cracked tooth may be vulnerable to oral bacteria.
  • An avulsed tooth (a tooth that is knocked out from its socket) is a potential site for bacterial infection.
  • Repeated dental treatments make the tooth weak and prone to infection.

Signs You Need Root Canal Therapy

Not all toothaches indicate the need for root canal therapy in York & North York, ON. However, certain types of pain may be warning signs of root canal infection:

  • Pain that is intermittent or pulsing
  • Pain that fluctuates with changing posture or pressure
  • Pain that increases with heat or cold
  • Pain that does not entirely disappear even with painkillers

The patient may experience swelling, tenderness or darkening of the infected area in addition to tooth pain. Other root canal infection symptoms could include bad breath, pus in the tooth, or a persistent pimple on the site. Please contact York dental clinic for an appointment in case of any discomfort, pain, or sensitivity.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Root Canal Therapy?

Postponing root canal therapy near you may lead to excruciating pain and increase the risks of permanent tooth loss. Our experienced emergency dentists in York & North York, ON offer a full spectrum of sedation options that help keep our patients relaxed throughout the procedure. If nervousness or the fear of pain has been holding you back from getting a much-needed root canal treatment, please be assured that the process is associated with minimal discomfort.

You may experience slight post-procedural soreness for a couple of days, but this will disappear after consuming the prescribed painkillers.

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