Sedation Dentistry in York & North York, ON

Many people skip dental visits or dread seeing a dentist because they fear pain, needles, and frightening dental tools like forceps, elevators, or drills. Sedation dentistry in York, ON, has helped many patients engage with their dentists frequently and visit dental clinics for help without fear. When you don’t see a dentist because you are afraid or have dental anxiety, you open the door to a lifetime of poor dental health.

At Marlee Dental Office, we understand that dental anxiety can greatly hinder patients from seeking dental care. As such, we provide sedation dentistry for patients who need it. Patients with hyperactive gap reflexes and other issues can easily make dental treatments uncomfortable or nearly impossible. Our sedation dentistry near you relaxes and calms you down, so you stay comfortable throughout the procedures.

Our Sedation Dentistry Options

We offer various forms of sedation, including:

Inhaled minimal sedation – Also referred to as laughing gas, this mild sedation dentistry is given through a mask. A patient inhales the gas and is quickly sedated. Inhaled minimal sedation takes full effect in just 2 to 3 minutes. Our sedation dentist near you can adjust the dosage during your treatment.

Oral Sedation – We give patients a pill that makes them feel relaxed and tired. Oral sedation takes a little longer to take effect. Conscious sedation dentistry is ideal for patients who fear needles and don’t want to have IV sedation.

IV sedation – Our North York dentist delivers the medication directly into the patient’s vein. As such, the sedative takes effect quickly. It is also easier for our dentist to adjust the sedation levels throughout your procedure.

Deep sedation – This is sleep dentistry since it puts our patients in a deep sleep. We provide this sedation for patients requiring long or complicated dental treatments. A patient remains deep asleep until the sedation or anesthesia wears off or is reserved.

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