Why Root Canal Treatment Is Required

Why Root Canal Treatment Is Required

April 1, 2022

Toothaches can be annoying and, at times, persistent. Sleepless nights will be inevitable, especially when you have a throbbing or stabbing pain. You might assume that your teeth are indestructible simply because they are the sturdiest substance in the body. Even though this is true, they can sometimes get structurally compromised, and in not so long, your nerves will be exposed. When this happens, you might not have many choices, and your best bet will be to undergo root canal therapy in York, Toronto.

For some people, root canal treatment can put the fear of God inside them, but with modern-day technology, there’s nothing to worry about.

Why Do You Need a Root Canal?

The primary goal for our dentist is to save your natural teeth by all means necessary. Before considering tooth extractions as a viable option, our dentist must first ascertain that endodontics is the appropriate solution.

In other words, root canal treatment is the last cause of action when it comes to saving your natural tooth. Therefore, our dentist performs the procedure intending to save an infected tooth. This involves the removal of the inflamed, infected, or damaged pulp, thus saving the tooth.

You might actually desire to skip out on this treatment because of fear. However, you need to understand that once your tooth’s nerve tissue is damaged, there will be a breakdown where bacteria will begin to multiply in the pulp chamber. If this happens, an abscess forms, where you will have a pus-filled pocket at the tip of the roots.

Don’t underestimate this infection since it has the potential to cause swelling that spreads to other areas of your neck, head, and face. Bone loss can also occur around the tip of the root. You might experience drainage issues that extend from the root into the gums or cheek.

So, undergoing a root canal is critical if you wish to save your tooth.

How Does Root Canal Therapy Save a Tooth?

Your tooth is primarily made up of the crown, the top and visible part of the tooth, and the root, which extends into the jaw bone, anchoring your tooth. The crown is coated with a substance known as enamel. It’s very sturdy and is responsible for keeping the inner parts of the teeth safe. Underneath the enamel lies the dentine, and at the core, you will find the dental pulp.

The dental pulp is home to the nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. It is safe to say that it is the part that is “alive” in your teeth since these structures are necessary for the growth and nourishment of your teeth.

Usually, the pulp is safely tucked inside the tooth since the enamel is protecting it. But, it so happens that the enamel can be compromised, causing the pulp to become exposed. The enamel can be exposed because of trauma, cracks, severe cavity, several dental procedures, and a large tooth filling.

When the pulp is exposed, the nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue become inflamed, and eventually, you will have an infection.

The root canal procedure removes the infected pulp, cleans the pulp chamber, and seals it. Therefore, restoring your teeth to their former glory.

When Is Root Canal Therapy Needed?

Even though you have a toothache and suspect that you might have an infection, our dentist has to know the exact cause of the pain. So this means that you will need to take an x-ray to check the state of the root canal. Root canal therapy is needed when the x-rays reveal that your pulp has been damaged.

Is Root Canal Therapy Painful?

This is a cause for concern for most patients since root canals were a painful affair some decades ago. But times have changed. The procedure is carried out to relieve pain and not cause it. Root canal therapy in York, Toronto, is performed under anesthesia, so the procedure is pain-free.

Once the procedure is done, you might experience some degree of pain, but your tooth will be pain-free after healing.

The Bottom line

Root canal therapy is not what it used to be. Dental technology has made it possible to receive comfortable and painless care. The procedure will ensure that your tooth is salvaged and the infection is removed.

Are you interested in undergoing root canal therapy? Contact us at Marlee Dental Office, and we would love to help you.

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